premiere :: VATS > Slow Eyes

March 23rd, 2015

VATS of Minneapolis have a brand new music video for their track “Slow Eyes” and we are psyched to share it with you right now. I mean, it’s like [spoiler alert]: baseball bat glitter faced dude smacks piñata head Frank which naturally leads to a rave. Right? Got it. Ok. Turn this up. Let’s go.


(Direction: Tim Krause)

You can pay what you want for the digital version of Today (with the killer track “Slow Eyes”) @

The limited edition cassette of Today is sold out (as of this post).

You can also pay what you want for their earlier recordings @

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BONUS: Slow Eyes (mp3)

VATS - Slow Eyes Video

show :: 3/21/15 @ The Gutter > Bent Shapes + Night Powers + Kindling + Decorum + DJ The Flag

March 17th, 2015

So it is time to redo the showcase Mirror Universe Tapes and GIMME TINNITUS had planned right before the Gutter Ebola spectacle of 2014. Unfortunately, Dott and Be Forest are not available :/, but we have a killer Massauchusetts + Brooklyn lineup of artists featuring the jangly pop stylings of Boston’s Bent Shapes​, the spooky dramatics of Night Powers​, the shoegazey punk of Easthampton’s Kindling​ and the double bass post punk awesomeness of ​Decorum (ex Team Orca and Semi Femme). Plus, Ted of The Flag will be DJing. This show is happening this Saturday. Doors are at 8:45. It’s only $5. You should come out.

In preparation for the show, members of Night Powers​, Kindling​ and the Mirror Universe/Serenity Now crew hung out during yesterday’s GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio. You should probably listen to the mp3 of the show right now…

Download: GT + MU + Gutter preview show on Newtown Radio (mp3) (the tracklist, links and details will be up at some point in the near future)

Saturday, March, 21st. Mark Yr Calendar.

GIMME TINNITUS & Mirror Universe Tapes​ Present (A Not SXSW Showcase):

Bent Shapes​

Night Powers



(this is just a little instagram preview, actual recording tk)

#Comingsoon 🔮

A video posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🔮 D E C O R U M 🔮 (@dddecorummm) on

AND DJ: The Flag​

The Gutter (200 N 14 St, Brooklyn)
8:45 PM Doors
Five Bucks



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Behead Yrself Pt 2 (mp3) by Bent Shapes​

Blacken Out Their Stars (mp3) by Night Powers​ (d/l the Without A Trace comp)

Sunspots (mp3) by Kindling​
3-21-15 flyer mirror universe gimme tinnitus show at the gutter

stream these :: The Blind Shake + The Teen Age + Vomitface + Shy Mirrors + Föllakzoid + Ratking + Musk

March 13th, 2015

So, here is this week’s round up of all the necessary audio/video streams. I’m pretty sure that I am leaving something out, so leave a comment and let me know what’s missing. Or not.

The Fly Right LP is the latest release from The Blind Shake. It comes out on April 14th via the always awesome Slovenly. Here is a four track sampler that recently showed up on the Slovenly bandcamp. You can pre-order it now.

The killer new The Teen Age single comes out on April 7 via the fine folks at Old Flame Records. Listen to it now.


Vomitface stopped by BTR Live Studio the other week and this is what happened. (Note: the footage includes an unreleased track!) Watch.

You can stream one track off the new Shy Mirrors LP Dodging the Column, which is set to be released by GT favs Mirror Universe Tapes. You can preorder it now.

Föllakzoid drop 12 tabs, I mean… minutes of psych on their new track Electric. The new album III comes out on March 31st via the ever rad Sacred Bones. You can preorder it now.

PLUS you can grab the new free Ratking EP @ Also maybe watch the Combat Shock 2 video by Musk (as seen).
AND remember there’s always lots to stream at the GIMME TINNITUS Soundcloud or the GT Youtubes, and also at the GT Tumblr too.

album stream :: Daniel Klag > Permutations

March 11th, 2015

New York-based ambient artist Daniel Klag has a new tape coming out on this Friday the 13th via Chill Mega Chill Records.

The album is entitled Permutations, and it is an experiment. Klag normally works with guitar and this is his first time using piano in the recording process. Each core track on Permutations is played with different variations.

Klag says:

I approached the individual tracks as sculptures, exposing the source material in its raw state, and melting away layers to reveal a soft interior.


Permutations will be available at on 3/13/15.

Daniel Klag has a q and also a

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BONUS: Leaflet (mp3)

daniel klag
permutations by daniel klag

premiere :: Single Lash > Bitemarks

March 9th, 2015

Austin, TX doomy shoegazers Single Lash are putting out an excellent self-titled 62 minute album that is both dark and hypnotic. The music of Single Lash of springs forth from one Nicolas Nadeau (also of Slow Pulse) who is backed here by Colin Foster and Neil Lord (of Future Museums). The album has a C86 core that is plastered with fuzz and noise and features Nadeau haunting voice floating around it. Single Lash will be available to the public on April 7 via Mirror Universe Tapes. This right here is side one, track one. I don’t think I need to tell you, but turn this up, ok?


You can preorder the Single Lash cassette at or

You can also stream the mp3 of “Drown” over at 20 Jazz Funk Greats.

Single Lash is on Bandcamp
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BONUS: Stowaway (mp3) (via Without A Trace)

single lash
single lash