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shows :: Northside Week Preview 2014

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

It’s that part of June again. Too many shows. Not enough time. Don’t burn out. Better to fade away. Also, remember to stay hydrated kids. Northside 2014. These are the mostly non-official shows to go to this week.

Monday 6/9

Silent Barn
::Kappa Chow
:::Parlor Walls

(more info)


Tuesday 6/10

Death by Audio
:::Red Dawn II
::::Mr. Transylvania

(fb rsvp)

Tyvek at DBA

Wednesday 6/11

Sugarhill Disco
:Parquet Courts
:::Future Punx


Sugar Hill Club June 11th

Thursday 6/12

Shea Stadium (Ipsum Official Northside Party)
:Gringo Star
::::Mannequin Pussy

(fb rsvp)



Friday 6/13

Silent Barn
::Fat (Bad) History Month
::::Dust From A Thousand Years
:::::New England Patriots

(fb rsvp)

EIS JMC Fake Northside Show

Saturday 6/14

The Neverlands (538 Johnson Ave) for SWEATFEST (w/ Special Guests!)
:Crown Larks
::”Cargo Pants”
:::::”Pig Ops”
::::::”Buzzard Boys”
::::::::”High Strung Eating Tacos”

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Sunday 6/15

Baby’s Alright
::::::Guerilla Toss
::::::::::Celestial Shore
:::::::::::Flesh Wounds
::::::::::::Mattress Financial
::::::::::::: Bluffing

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EIS Baby's Alright

And don’t forget next Thursday @ Trans-Pecos.

Trans-Pecos June 19th

Patty Conway (demo acoustic version) (mp3) by Freecare
4321 (mp3) by Tyvek
Sludge River Mouth (mp3) by Sleepies
Borrowed Time (mp3) by Parquet Courts
Scum, Rise! (mp3) by Protomartyr
Living in A Movie (mp3) by Future Punx
Comfortable Life (mp3) by Flagland
Someone Like You (mp3) by Mannequin Pussy
Luxury (mp3) by Multicult
Never A Joke (mp3) by Krill
Blue Baby (mp3) by Ovlov

GT Preview: Northside Week Shows

album stream :: Fond Han / Mattress Financial > Private Split

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Early runner up for late night record of the year goes to this new split cassette from Fond Han (Thomas Baumann of Neur and Hot Fang) and Mattress Financial (Sam Rosenberg of Two Inch Astronaut). Released by GT favs, Exploding In Sound Records, the split shows off a more intimate, dreamy, experimental side of these two post-punkers. Stream the whole tape right now or listen late at night (your choice).

Listen (as late as possible plz).

Streamable: Private Split (bandcamp)

You can, and let’s face it, you probably should purchase Private Split right now @ the EIS bandcamp.

Do I get bonus points for not using the word “lofi”? I think so.

Upcoming Mattress Financial NYC Show:

Fond Han is on Facebook

Mattress Financial is on Bandcamp

They are both on Exploding In Sound Records

Matress Financial Fond Han Split


I Do That Good (mp3) by Mattress Financial

Travelers Club (mp3) by Fond Han

Pay-What-You-Want for the EIS Sampler 2013/2014 @ the EIS bandcamp.

mp3 :: Desert Sharks > Come Home

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

The ladies of Desert Sharks have a new EP called Sister Cousins, and it comes out next Tuesday, January 8th via their bandcamp. The band hopes to have a vinyl version available before SXSW. The EP is filled with poppy grungey goodness. This love song is track number two off of Sister Cousins.


Downloadable: Come Home (mp3)

See Desert Sharks play live next week @ Shea Stadium.

Upcoming NYC Show:

Desert Sharks is on Tumblr
Desert Sharks is on Bandcamp
Desert Sharks is on Twitter
Desert Sharks is on Facebook
Desert Sharks is on Hype Machine

BONUS: Get To You (mp3)

Sister Cousins by Desert Sharks

concert :: EISGTCMJ 2012 Recap > SLOTHRUST + Young Adults + Heliotropes + She Keeps Bees

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

And now, the final recap of the Exploding In Sound + GIMME TINNITUS CMJ Showcase at Paper Box.


Downloadable: Misnomer (demo) (mp3)
Streamable: Feels Your Pain (bandcamp)

Streamable: Slothrust @ Paper Box (youtube)

Streamable: Slothurst – The Couch Inncident @ Paper Box (youtube)

(video: sixdust)
@SLOTHRUST at @paperboxnyc #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)

Young Adults

Downloadable: Bummer Summer (mp3)
Streamable: Black Hole (bandcamp)

Streamable: Young Adults @ Paper Box (youtube)

Streamable: Young Adults – Wasting Time @ Paper Box (youtube)

(video: sixdust)
@youngadultsma bring the Boston #shoegaze #punk to @paperboxnyc #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)


Downloadable: Ribbons (mp3)
Streamable: Moonlite (bandcamp)

Streamable: Heliotropes @ Paper Box (vimeo)

(video: GIMME TINNITUS vimeo)
Streamable: Heliotropes – Early In The Morning @ Paper Box (youtube)

(video: sixdust)
@heliotropesband rawkin' the @paperboxnyc #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)

She Keeps Bees

Downloadable: See Me (Daytrotter Session) (mp3)
Streamable: 7″ Record (bandcamp)

Streamable: She Keeps Bees – See Me @ Paper Box

(video: sixdust)
@shekeepsbees close out #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)

Click on a photo for the “hi-def” version.

Also make sure you check out the Exploding In Sound EISGTCMJ 2012 Review @

And EISGTCMJ 2012 has a board @

There’s more EISGTCMJ 2012 streamablility on the internet!

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on 8tracks

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on Soundcloud

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on Rdio

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on Spotify


concert :: EISGTCMJ 2012

Friday, October 19th, 2012

The Exploding In Sound / GIMME TINNITUS CMJ Showcase at Paper Box is tomorrow (Saturday, October 20th)!

Doors @ 2PM. $8 or CMJ Badge. Interstitial Music provided by DJ GIMMETINNITUS.

EISGTCMJ 2012 lineup + set times + streams:

  • THE FLAG :: [2:40 – 3:10]


  • ovlov :: [3:20 – 3:50]


  • Geronimo! :: [4:00 – 4:30]


  • Trabajo :: [4:40 – 5:10]


  • Fat History Month :: [5:20 – 5:50]


  • Speedy Ortiz :: [6:00 – 6:30]


  • Roomrunner :: [6:40 – 7:10]


  • Mr. Dream :: [7:20 – 7:50]


  • YVETTE :: [8:00 – 8:30]


  • Sleepies :: [8:40 – 9:10]


  • EULA :: [9:20 – 9:50]


  • Pile :: [10:00 – 10:30]


  • SLOTHRUST :: [10:40 – 11:10]


  • Young Adults :: [11:20 – 11:50]


  • Heliotropes :: [12:00 – 12:30]


  • She Keeps Bees :: [12:40 – 1:20]

Thanks to GODMODE Records, and…
Paper Box
17 Meadow Street
Btwn. Waterbury & Bogart
Brooklyn, NY 11206

There’s more EISGTCMJ 2012 streamablility on the internet!

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on 8tracks

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on Soundcloud

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on Rdio

Streamable: EISGTCMJ 2012 on Spotify
BONUS EISGTCMJ 2012 Mixtape:

With Fangs (mp3) by YVETTE
Dirty Hands (mp3) by EULA
Indoor Soccer (Live @ WFMU) (mp3) by Speedy Ortiz
Super Vague (mp3) by Roomrunner
Bad Blood (mp3) by THE FLAG
the rot and rind (mp3) by Trabajo
Drifting (mp3) by Young Adults
What A Mess (mp3) by Mr. Dream
ahhehuhah (mp3) by ovlov
Polyamory (mp3) by SLOTHRUST
number one hit single (mp3) by Pile
Sludge River Mouth (mp3) by Sleepies