mp3: Spoon > Black Like Me (Demo + Real Drums)

Today I have another Spoon demo for you. Now with real drums! If you have not checked out the BONUS section of their website, get to it.

Downloadable: Black Like Me (Demo + Real Drums) (mp3)

And now some Spoon news:

Did Ye Know?

1 The band is working on new songs.

2 Britt covered the Crooked Fingers song “Run, Lieutenant, Run” for a digital-only Crooked Fingers EP entitled Your Control, which will be available on iTunes March 3.

3 Jim produced the excellent debut LP by Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, which came out on January 27 on Lost Highway.

4 Rob is doing some shows with the Get Up Kids throughout this year and he will also be looking after Jeff Byrd from time to time.,

5 Eric has been spending time in Texas and New York working on a solo project.

6 Britt spent the past three months producing the new album by Brooklyn’s White Rabbits, which he tells me “was like summer camp, only in the dead of winter, in Brooklyn, with a bunch of chain-smokers.” The record was mixed in January with longtime Spoon collaborator Mike McCarthy and it comes out on tbd Records on May 19.

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