mp3s: February 2008 Mix

Fucking February, I totally didn’t get a chance to post my monthly mix for February 2008. So now that it’s Smarch, sit back, relax, don’t go outside, and listen to some mp3s from a little over a year ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…

The February 2008 Mix

Negative Thinking (mp3) by The Death Set

88th Precinct (mp3) by Team Robespierre

Excuse Me Dog (mp3) by Low Scores

Puerto Rican Jukebox (kill rock stars mp3) by Panther

Big Big Big Big Big (big mp3) by Dan Deacon

Lovely Allen (No Age Remix) (mp3) by Holy Fuck

Blue Skies (fanatic mp3) by Die! Die! Die!

Chipping Ice (mp3) by These Are Powers

You Can’t Do That To An Axe! (s.a.f. mp3) by The Mae Shi

Van v Art (sxsw mp3) by Necropolis

Hang Them All (beggars mp3) by Tapes ‘n Tapes

Lovely Weather (Live On Fair Game) (public broadcasting mp3) by The Vandelles

Right Away (home tapes mp3) by Pattern Is Movement

Top Drawer (mp3) by Man Man

Encouragement (mp3) by Bandit Teeth

Deja Vu (lumberjack mordam mp3) by SSM

Love Your Spaceman (mp3) by Robert Pollard

Nosy Parker (mp3) by The Tremolo Beer Gut

Down To Rest (sxsw mp3) by O’Death

Steven Fucking Spielberg (sxsw mp3) by Bearsuit

Morning Birds (cash mp3) by Kristin Hersh

Makeshift Fallout Sifter (mp3) by Rob Markoff

Gilt Complex (Acoustic) (mp3) by Sons And Daughters

Balloons (sub pop mp3) by Foals

Max Ernst (matador mp3) by Mission Of Burma

Body Rot (mp3) by The Magik Markers

Sideways Here We Come (s.a.f. mp3) by Die! Die! Die!

February 2008 Mix

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