Friday Night Vids: Bob Mould + No Age!!!, 50FOOTWAVE vidtacular, etc.

Streamable: Miner + New Day Rising (Live @ Noise Pop 2009) (youtube) by No Age and Bob Mould (of Hüsker Dü fame, duh)

Editor’s Note: New Day Rising starts at 3:08 or so. Also, I’m just gonna put this out into the blogosphere… Bob Mould should do a nostalgia tour performing Zen Arcade with No Age as backup. Somebody make that happen. Thank you.

UPDATE: The No Age and Bob Mould vid is no longer available. So here are a couple different videos…

Streamable: New Day Rising (Live 2008) by Bob Mould

Streamable: Eraser by No Age

Streamable: Pneuma (youtube) by 50FOOTWAVE

Editor’s Note: Don’t forget to download EVERYTHING by 50FOOTWAVE (or is it 50 Foot Wave)… here.

Streamable: Sally is a Girl (youtube) by 50FOOTWAVE

Streamable: Clara Bow by 50FOOTWAVE

Streamable: Ginger Park (Live) by 50FOOTWAVE

Streamable: Bright Yellow Gun by Throwing Muses

Downloadable: Ulcer Soul (dim mak mov) by The Willowz

Streamable: Morning Light ( by Girls

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