mp3: Double Dagger > The Lie/The Truth

I Rock Cleveland dropped the brand new jam by Double Dagger a little earlier this week. If you have not yet heard it, make with the clicking as it filled with some crazyasswallofsoundpostpunk goodness. Have I mentioned that the trio uses only Drums, Bass, and Vocals? They make it work. Trust me.

Downloadable: The Lie/The Truth (mp3)

Their new album, MORE comes out on Thrill Jockey on May 5. Preorders soon, maybe?

Also, the band is touring the nation in June and July. Go see them. Their live show is not to be missed, provided their equipment is actually working.

Myspace page is here.
More mp3s are here.
Thrill Jockey is here.
Stationary Heart is here.
Toxic Pop is here.
eMusic page is here.

Double Dagger

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