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Guillermo Scott Herren a/k/a Prefuse 73 has a new album set for release. It is entitled Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian. The “ampex” of Ampexian refers to analog Ampex tape. Apparently, Prefuse 73 eschewed the digital on this one. The 29 track “concept” album may be recorded using analog technology, but at the same time it sounds futuristic (much like The World Of Tomorrow?). To be honest, this is kinda what I thought music was going to sound like in the future when I was a child. Be sure to check out the “Yes-worthy” coverart below. The album drops comes out on April 14.

The Tracklisting
01. Periodic Measurements of Infrequent Smiles
02. Hairy Faces (Stress)
03. Parachute Panador
04. NoNo
05. Punish
06. Half Up Front
07. Sexual Fantasy Scale
08. DEC. Machine Funk All ERA’s
09. Get Em High
10. Ampexian Tribe of a Lesser Time
11. When Is a Good Time?
12. Fountains of Spring
13. Whipcream Eyepatch
14. Regalo
15. Rubber Stems
16. Oh Is It
17. Four Reels Collide
18. Fringertip Trajectories
19. Violent Bathroom Exchange
20. Natures Uplifting Revenge
21. Yuletide
22. Simple Loop Choir
23. No Lights Still Rock (feat. Dimlite)
24. Gaslamp Killer Feedback Text
25. Digan Lo
26. Preparation’s Kids Choir (mp3)
27. Pitch Pipe
28. Periodic Measurements of Infrequent Frowns
29. Formal Dedications

Herren’s latest incarnation Diamond Watch Wrists is going to release the album Ice Capped at Both Ends on April 28. The album features drumming from Hella’s Zach Hill as well as Herren’s “previously unheard nods to 60’s European acid-folk, classic American singer-songwriters and krautrock.” Check out an mp3 at the LA Recordhere.

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BONUS: Mega Chopped Suite (warp mp3)

Reminder: If you haven’t already go get the Savath y Savalas promomp3… here.

Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian by Prefuse 73

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