mp3s: March 2008 Mix

Time to kick back and reflect. Let’s look back to one year ago

The McLaughlin Group (mp3) by Andrew WK

The Melody (mp3) by The Mae Shi

Low On Air (birdman mp3) by Monkeywrench

Widow Of My Dreams (Live) (mp3) by Obits

Who’s Lady R U? (mp3) by The Night Marchers

All Remote and No Control (mp3) by Eric Avery (of Jane’s Addiction fame)

Abandon (mp3) by French Kicks

J’Acusse (mp3) by Hot Cha Cha

Rattled By The Rush (mp3) by Pavement

One Too Many Mornings Anthem (mp3) by Brad Breeck

I Summon You (Demo) (mp3) by Spoon

Bats Over The Pacific Ocean (mp3) by Jaguar Love

Bang On (4ad mp3) by Breeders

Volatile (mp3) by The Old Haunts

The French Revolution (mp3) by Motico

Running Free (Iron Maiden Cover) (mp3) by Knyfe Hyts

Jackpot (mp3) by Soiled Mattress & The Springs

Palmitos Park (mp3) by El Guincho

Sweet Love For Planet Earth (mp3) by Fuck Buttons

Little Sisters Of Beijing (Brenmar Remix) (mp3) by These Are Powers + Brenmar

Problem Is (Thrust Lab Remix) (fanatic mp3) by HEALTH + Thrust Lab

Comfy in Nautica (XXXChange Remix) (mp3) by Panda Bear + XXXChange

All Of The Other Songs Remixed (cardboard mp3) by Trey Told ‘Em

March 2008

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