Consider CLICKing: Alternate Superchunk + Streaming Live Obits + Deerhunter Cover + Madvillian Freebie + New Punkcast

>> The Tullyblog has an alternate version of “Skip Steps 1 & 3” by Superchunkhere. The non-alternate version is posted below. Please compare and contrast.

Downloadable: Skip Steps 1 & 3 (mp3)

>> You should totally stream some live Obits at WFMU’s interweb presence… here.

>> Paper Bag Records has a promomp3 from Josh Reichmann/Oracle Band that is also a Deerhunter cover.

Downloadable: Agoraphobia (paper bag mp3)

>> Penultimately, Stones Throw has a new old Madvillian freebie… here.

Downloadable: One Beer (Drunk Version) (stones throw mp3)

>> The latest Punkcast features Freshkills and Yeah Yeah Yeahs live @ Santos Party Househere.

Downloadable: I Know I Know (mp3) by Freshkills


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