Friday Night Vids: Micachu & The Shapes + Live Yppah + Crystal Antlers + Jay Reatard + Wavves + More

Streamable: Lips (vimeo) by Micachu & The Shapes

Downloadable: Lips (beggars mp3)

Streamable: A Parking Lot Carnival Live @ SXSW 2009 (vimeo) by Yppah

Streamable: Andrew (vimeo) by Crystal Antlers

Downloadable: Andrew (the last t&g mp3)

Streamable: DOA (youtube) by Jay Reatard

Streamable: So Bored (youtube) by Wavves

Downloadable: So Bored (mp3)

Streamable: I’ll Be With You (youtube) by The Black Lips

Streamable: Who’s Gonna Care? ( by caUSE co-MOTION!

Downloadable: Who’s Gonna Care? (mp3)

Streamable: Omar K ( by Rainbow Arabia

Streamable: Ryan’s Song (s’gum) by Venice Is Sinking

Downloadable: Ryan’s Song (team clermont mp3)

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