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Apostle Of Hustle springs forth from the brain of Andrew Whiteman, who is 1/20th (or so) of Broken Social Scene. The third Apostle Of Hustle record, Eats Darkness was released yesterday. Whiteman has described it thusly,

“a serial poem about some struggles people go through. Battles, from the macro to the micro. Songs about tactics and attitudes needed in ‘life during wartime’. Each track is like tapas at the banquet of conflict. A small contribution to the articulation of a fucked and beautiful world.”

Let me just say that this album is amazing and retains the experimental flair that you have come to expect from Apostle Of Hustle. It is definitely in the running for Best Of 2009. Listen…

Downloadable: How To Defeat A More Powerful Enemy (mp3)

Upcoming Show: June 10 @ Bowery Ballroom

with Forro In The Dark
Downloadable: Que Que Tu Fez (mp3)
and Brian Bonz & His Dot Hongs
Downloadable: Kid Shit (mp3)

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“Perfect” BONUS: Perfect Fit (mp3)

Apostle Of Hustle

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