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The blogtastic Grizzly Bear’s indiefolkvs1950spopinahauntedhouse is back with today’s release of Veckatimest (which got a 9.0 from p’fork). Seeing how you are now reading a music blog, I would be pretty surprised if you have not heard of Grizzly Bear. Very Surprised.

The song Two Weeks is not exactly a “summer jam” but The Grizz got Fred Falke to do a synth n’ cheese drenched remix. I can’t say I love it, but I am including it here for your RMX pleasure. Will there be more remixes? I’m sure they have some “bangers” or something like that coming down the line this summer. If not, I will be surprised. Very Surprised.

Two Weeks (mp3)
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix) (mp3)

Buy a 256 kbps mp3 version of Veckatimest for $3.99 @ Amazon… here.

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veckatimest by grizzly bear

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