mp3s: Slumberland Records Megapost with Liechtenstein, caUSE co-MOTION!, and Bricolage

This morning I have a bunch of indiepop goodness in the form of Slumberland Records mp3s.

First up is recent signees from Sweden, Liechtenstein. I’m not quite sure how to put this but they sound exactly like you’d think a Swedish band named Liechtenstein is going to sound. Their new album, Survival Strategies In A Modern World is due June 2nd. Listen.

Downloadable: Roses In The Park (force field mp3)

Upcoming Dates:
5/15 @ Don Hills (NY Pop Fest)
5/19 @ Bruar Falls with Cats On Fire

Next is a track from postgaragesomethingrockers caUSE co-MOTION!’s new EP, Because Because Because. Listen to the awesome jangle fight with the echo echo.

Downloadable: You Lose (slumberland mp3)

Upcoming Date:
5/9 @ Bruar Falls (Record Release Party) with The Beets + Liquor Store

Finally, we have a track off the self-titled release from the Glasgowegian indiepop ensemble Bricolage. Enjoy.

Downloadable: Bayonets (slumberland mp3)

Umm, here is a photo of Liechtenstein by Jörgen Svensson.

Liechtenstein by Jörgen Svensson

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