mp3: The Budos Band > The Proposition

Next week, The Budos Band’s new EP drops. I started tweeting a bunch of this info and then realized this should probably be a post on the ol’ blog. Well, if you have only one favorite Staten Island funkafrobeatjazz band, the chances are that Budos is it. Why? Well, because they are quite awesome. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you need more Budos in your life. Listen…

Downloadable: The Proposition (mp3)

Streamable (limited time only): III (Budos Band EP) (spinner stream)

Preorder III (Budos Band EP)… here.

Upcoming shows this summer in NYC:
Jul 24 @ Central Park Summerstage
Aug 11 @ City Winery

Myspace page is here.
Daptone is here.
World’s Fair is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

BONUS: Chicago Falcon (world’s fair mp3)

Budos Band EP III

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