Friday Night Vids :: ZAZA + The Seedy Seeds + Richard Linklater’s Woodshock + Land Of Talk + The Antlers + Free Energy + Screaming Females

Streamable: Sooner Or Later (vimeo) by ZAZA

Downloadable: Sooner Or Later (mp3)

Streamable: Drive Me To The Center by The Seedy Seeds

Streamable: Woodshock 1985 (youtube) by Richard Linklater

props to yvynyl

Streamable: The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle) (youtube) by Land Of Talk

Streamable: Two (youtube) by The Antlers

Downloadable: Two (mp3)

Streamable: Free Energy (youtube) by Free Energy

props to Soviet Panda
Downloadable: Free Energy (mp3)
I Miss Hockey Night BONUS: For Guys’ Eyes Only (mp3)

Streamable: Bell (Live @ Terminal 5) (youtube) by Screaming Females

Downloadable: Bell (mp3)

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