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Have you heard anything from Justice Records‘ tribute to Love And Rockets entitled, New Tales To Tell? I recently heard this cover by the loudest band in Brooklyn (A Place To Bury Strangers) and it just sounded soo right. It kind of makes me wish APTBS would do a tour where they played the Love And Rockets album in its entirety (or something like that).

Downloadable: The Light (mp3)

As that probably won’t happen, you should probably listen to this track from APTBS’ new album, Exploding Head?

Downloadable: In Your Heart (mp3)

Upcoming Show:
Oct 29 @ Bowery Ballroom

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BONUS: To Fix The Gash In Your Head (mp3)

Love And Rockets Tribute New Tales To Tell artwork by Shepard Fairey
(artwork: shepard fairey)

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