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Another White Shit mp3 from the PPM-released Sculpted Beef LP appeared online recently, and I totally forgot to post it. I post it now.

Downloadables: Jim Morrison (mp3)

Oh, who are White Shit? You ask.

White Shit = Andy of Skull Kontrol, Jared and Coady of Big Business/Melvins, and of course Tits. They play a melange of hardcore punk and metal. The most common word used to describe their music is SHRED.

Buy the Sculpted Beef vinyl… here.
Buy the Sculpted Beef mp3s… here.

PPM is here.
Coady Willis is on Twitter.
MBV post featuring White Shit is here.
GT post featuring “Homeopathic Valtrex” is here.
Impose post by Dean of PPM is here.

White Shit

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