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railcars a/k/a multi-instrumentalist Aria Jalali (+ Sam Farzin when on tour) has a new EP entitled Cathedral With No Eyes. The EP:

recounts the life of Edmund the Martyr, a 9th century king of East Anglia with songs about his life and succession to the throne as a young boy, his conquests, his suffering at the hands of vikings and death by their arrows.

Let me just say that this is hands down the best damn EP about a 9th century king of East Anglia EVER. If you like walls of noise (which were quite popular in the 9th century), you really should listen to this. Really.

Cathedral With No Eyes (mp3)
Castles (mp3)

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BONUS: Passion Of Saint Edmund (Rebirth) (mp3)

cathedral with no eyes by railcars

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