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So, you probably heard by now that Spoon is releasing their latest LP Transference early next year somewhere around Jan 25 or 26th. It should be noted that this is the first time the band is working without a producer. So, this is what Spoon thinks Spoon should sound like without any filter (or something like that anyway).

The 1st Transference leak showed up last night, and I can’t say I absolutely love love it, but hey that’s just me. I bring you now to The Mystery Zone.

Downloadable: The Mystery Zone (mp3 removed per label’s request)

There’s also this quick Transference promo on the Merge Records web presence

Streamable: SPOON // TRANSFERENCE (youtube)

btw… have you checked out the bonus section of the Spoontheband website? This month’s bonus is…

Downloadable: Everything Hits At Once (Live) (spoontheband mp3)

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BONUS: Got Nuffin (mp3)

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