soundcloud :: Blipfest 2009 Chiptune Mix

I put a little mix of chiptunes together inspired by Blipfest 2009 which is going on right now. You can stream it live @ WFMU… here.

Downloadable/Streamable: Blipfest 2009 Chiptune Mix (soundcloud)
Blipfest 2009 Chiptunes Mix by gimmetinnitus

1. Gravity in Terms of Space-Time (mp3) by Starscream
2. Hexadecimal Genome (mp3) by Bit Shifter
3. Salvation For A Broken Heart (mp3) by Nullsleep
4. Bonuslevel (mp3) by tRasH cAn maN
5. So Sue Me (mp3) by Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours
6. Enter (mp3) by Albino Ghost Monkey
7. Weel Kickit (mp3) by Glomag

While you listen to the mix, you should probably zone out to something like this gif from Rosa Menkman:

Visuals by Rosa Menkman

You can download the continuous mix using the widget at the top of the post.

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this mix, you should install DownThemAll!.

My soundcloud is located… here.

SoundCloud Mix Fall 2009

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