The Holiday Post

OK, lets get this over with.

– You can download The 8bits Of Christmas EP from The 8bitpeopleshere.

Here is a sample…

Downloadable: Let It Snow (mp3) by Bit Shifter

The 8-Bits Of Christmas

Diplo wants you to rap to this beat. More about that… here.

Downloadable: Makin’ Xmas (mad decent mp3)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a Xmas themed Daytrotter session… here.

– I’m not even going to mention this.

Suckapants has a massive Xmas mix (plus earlier mixes archived)… here.

– Watch this here Commodore 64 Christmas Demo.


props to @8bitweapon

– Watch the Conan Yulelog… here.


– Finally, remember the time Hanukkah Harry saved Xmas?


UPDATE: How could I forget EAR FARM‘s Do you EAR what I EAR?, a charity album for the Association to Benefit Children?? Get it… here.

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