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STV SLV of The Hood Internet is also a member of “post-genre” band SHAPERS. The band has a new album entitled Little, Big (as far as I know, The Fairies’ Parliament is not an alternate title). Officially, the album will be released next week on March 9 via TTD Records. Of couse, the LP comes with a free download card for 320kbps mp3s of the album. Also, the first 250 record jackets were hand screen-printed by the band. Nice.

This track starts off with an ambient feel, but it certainly doesn’t end with one. Listen.

Downloadable: Proboscidean (mp3)

Purchase the album @ the official SHAPERS web presence.

Hey Chicago peoples… the record release party is on March 11. Deets are here and here.

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BONUS: When I Was A Zygote (mp3)

Little, Big by SHAPERS

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