concert :: The Sour Notes + SUSU + Behavior

Where: Bruar Falls

When: Friday May 28th; FREE

Who: The Sour Notes

Listen: Do-ers & Say-ers (mp3) from It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty (soundcloud)

Who: Susu

Listen: M.B.T. (mp3) from R and R and R
Listen: Clean Vs. Dirty (mp3) from R and R and R
Listen: Hands Up (The Race) (mp3) from the Win EP

Who: Behavior

Listen: Babylon (mp3) from
Watch: P.S./Better House (vimeo)

Why: well, #1 Austin’s finest indiepoppers The Sour Notes are in town, #2 SUSU‘s new album R and R and R is pretty awesome (can’t wait to hear these songs in a live setting), and #3 Behavior sound totally psychedelic too. You should totally go.

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