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Bird & Whale (a purveyor of fine mixes) is curated by one Brad Loving. Well, Mr. Loving is getting ready to release an album entitled Onze Pedras under the moniker Lobisomem (Portuguese for werewolf, fyi). The album comes out on Sept 14, 2010 via the Tall Corn label and features a crazy melange of electronic and other musical styles. Listen.

Downloadable: Concussus (mp3)

Also, check out this awesome video Loving put together for the song Dhegiha Group, “by stringing together 2,513 photographs…in one continuous take.”

Streamable: Dhegiha Group (vimeo)

Upcoming NYC Shows:

Sept 6 @ Bruar Falls (support not listed)

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BONUS: Plasma Is For Lovers (mp3) (source)


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