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And now it’s time to reacquaint yourself with a classic… No Pocky For Kitty by Superchunk recently got the reissue treatment. While not credited, Steve Albini produced the band’s sophomore effort (note, the liner notes read “[p]roduced with eyes closed by Laura, who sat in the right chair.”). It was recorded April 21-23, 1991 and later released on the venerable Matador label. Listen.

Downloadable: Skip Steps 1 & 3 (merge mp3)

This is a straight remaster, no special bonus discs of some tape that fell behind Mac’s bookshelf or anything (though if you want something like that maybe you should check out the Clambakes).

You can purchase the reissue direct from Merge in a variety of formats… here.

For more 90’s nostalgia with Superchunk, head over to Captain’s Dead for a soundboard recording from 1997 (the Precision Auto finale is killer).

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No Pocky For Kitty by Superchunk

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