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So, LAartpunx No Age have done remixed a Crystal Castles track. Maybe you saw this on some big music blog or something already, well I’m posting now. Listen.

Downloadable: Baptism (No Age Remix) (mp3)

Crystal Castles

Now, I normally don’t post music from major labels, but I thought I would give my readers an idea of the diversity of sounds on the new Crystal Castles record (which I didn’t want to like after reading this, but hey it’s gooood). Make sure you click on that last track. It’s a doozy. Listen.

Baptism (mp3)
Celestica (mp3)
Doe Deer (mp3)

You can purchase Crystal Castles II on vinyl @ Insound.

If you only want mp3s, you can purchase Crystal Castles II digitally @ Amazon MP3.

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And here are one or two links re: the remixer No Age

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Classic CC BONUS: Crimewave (Crystal Castles Remix) (mp3) by HEALTH

Crystal Castles II

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