mp3 :: The Shellac Mixtape

As the (sold out) Shellac show at The Bell House is rapidly approaching, I put together this little mixtape of Shellac songs to get you all excited. This right here is kind of like a Shellac for Dummies or something like that. Listen.


Wingwalker (mp3) from Uranus

Rambler Song (mp3) from The Rude Gesture: A Political History

Song Of The Minerals (mp3) from At Action Park

Copper (mp3) from Terraform

Watch Song (mp3) from 1000 Hurts

The End of Radio (mp3) from the band’s 2004 Peel Session

Steady As She Goes (mp3) from Excellent Italian Greyhound

And remember, while the digital versions of these songs are great and all, you should probably track down and purchase the analog versions as well.

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