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Regan Farquhar is the MC know as Busdriver, and Busdriver has a brand new mixtape. The name of this mixtape is COMPUTER COOTIES. It has guests such as Daedelus, Open Mike Eagle, and Free The Robots. Here is a track featuring a certain Flying Lotus. Listen.

Downloadable: Will He (Feat. Flying Lotus) (mp3)

Download the rest of the mixtape at for the cost of one email address.

Also, coming soon on Polyvinyl Records is a yellow vinyl 7′ with a Busdriver/Deerhoof collab (Hoofdriver) as well as a track by Farquhar’s new band with Mae Shi members called Physical Forms. Listen.

Downloadable: On the Brink (mp3)

Preorderage for the Deerhoof/Physical Forms 7″ is here. More info on the release is available at p4k.

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Computer Cooties by Busdriver

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