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Vocalist/keyboardist Alex Tween and multi-instrumentalist Matt Walsh a/k/a The Forms have a new EP called Derealization. The project was spawned after the duo spent an afternoon listening to the vinyl of their self-titled album at different speeds. The decision was made on the spot to do a “remix” album. Once they started working on it, Tween and Walsh teamed up with a bunch of their friends to completely reconceptualized a number of their older songs from the bottom up.

Derealization was recorded at Walsh’s studio in Ridgewood with the help of producer Scott Solter. Also on the album are:

    Matt Berninger of The National,
    Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think,
    Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors,
    Daniel Hart of St. Vincent‘s band, and
    Andrew Thiboldeaux of Pattern is Movement.

Thiboldeaux’s track recently hit the internet. Listen.

Downloadable: Steady Hand (Feat. Andrew Thiboldeux) (mp3)

A release date has been set. Threespheres and Ernest Jenning will be releasing the EP next year on February 15th. Reportedly, the band will also release an alternate version of Derealization on or around the week of release totally for free. More deets about that later.

Oh and here is the tracklisting:

  1. Fire to the Ground (Feat. Matt Berninger)
  2. Same Path Mantra
  3. Steady Hand (Feat. Andrew Thiboldeaux)
  4. Alpha Wave
  5. Finally (Feat. Craig Wedren)
  6. Derealization

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BONUS: Bones (mp3)

Derealization by The Forms

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