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One of our favorite performances at this year’s CMJ was from the Brooklyn trio, Adult Themes. Here is an inverted solarize of them performing at Arlene’s Grocery:

Adult Themes @ CMJ 2010

Now there is a slight disconnect between the band’s noisy noisy live performance and their sound when recorded in a studio. In order to get close to the live sound, you would need to play this realllly loud. Here is the B-Side to their current 7 inch. Listen.

Downloadable: Young Bodies (mp3)

The band is giving away the digital of their Four Fires/Young Bodies 7 Inch for free via theAdult Themes bandcamp, but you can (and let’s face it probably should) buy a copy at their own imprint Crickey! Records or the venerable Cardboard Records or through the bandcamp page mentioned earlier.

Adult Themes will reportedly be releasing a new 7 Inch in February next year, and let’s just say we are psyched.

Also, if you have not already, make sure to check out vocalist/bassist Eleanor Logan’s solo proj… HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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A-Side BONUS: Four Fires (mp3)

Four Fires Young Bodies 7 Inch by Adult Themes

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