mp3s :: NOT POSTED Mix, Vol. 18

It’s time to listen to a bunch of the tracks I have not posted recently. Here is the next NOT POSTED mix. These are just a few of the songs that would get their own individual posts here on GIMME TINNITUS, if I only had the time. Listen.


  1. pink set of lungs (mp3) by Eleanor
          (d/l SOMEONE ELSE @ Bandcamp)
  2. Night at the Movies (mp3) by DOOMSTAR!
          (d/l New Years Single 2011 @ Bandcamp)
  3. Silver Machine (Hawkwind Cover) (mp3) by dinowalrus
  4. Campfires (mp3) by Young Adults
          (d/l beko_amdiscs2 @
  5. Girl World (mp3) by Golden Girls
          (pay-what-you-want for the Girl World EP @ bandcamp)
  6. Do You Want To Give $$? (mp3) by Sic Alps
  7. SH8KR (mp3) by Headless Horseman
  9. Post Modern Love (mp3) by SDLK
          (d/l In Tangiers EP @ Mediafire)
  10. ‘Swimming After Dark’ (mp3) by Guards
  11. Always On My Mind (Live @ Power Hour on Y-Rock on XPN) (mp3) by
          Reading Rainbow (d/l the rest of the session @
  12. Naked Glass (mp3) by HotChaCha
  13. This Is War (mp3) by Houses
  14. School Night (mp3) by Foxes in Fiction
          (d/l Alberto @ Mediafire) (order the Alberto cassette @ Orchid Tapes)
  15. Water Hymn (mp3) by Painted Palms
          (d/l Canopy EP @ Bandcamp)
  16. Devon (mp3) by Grimes
  17. Skinny Ghost (mp3) by HAPPY TRENDY
          (d/l Old Friends @ Bandcamp)
  18. Discovery (mp3) by Teen Daze
  19. Real You (Lil B vs Gold Panda) (mp3) by The Hood Internet

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And if you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

Insound | Amazon MP3 | eMusic | Other Music

Also, If you want to download all (or most of) the tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions.

Not Posted Mix

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