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LA’s premiere all drum hardcore band, Foot Village is know for (among other things) generously making their stems available for remixes. Well, the stems from their latest 7″ got into the hands of Venezuelan musician Ezequiel “Cheky” Bertho a/k/a Algodón Egipcio (translation: Egyptian Cotton). Here are the results. Listen.

Downloadable: Lovers With Iraqis (Algodón Egipcio Remix) (mp3)

For comparison purposes here is the original:

Downloadable: Lovers With Iraqis (mp3) by Foot Village

You can stream the whole of the original 7″ (minus the digital bonus track) using the streamer below.

Streamable: Lovers With Iraqis/Totally Tween 7″ (bandcamp)

You can order the digital or physical versions of Foot Village‘s 7″ with digital-only bonus remixes by Bobb Bruno of Best Coast, Yip-Yip, and Universal Studios Florida @ Please note that the 7″ vinyl artwork is printed on temporary tattoo paper. Two copies of the artwork are included. One to cut up and wear and one to keep for posterity.

You can preorder Algodón Egipcio‘s La Lucha Constante @ Lefse.

You can grab additional tracks by Algodón Egipcio @ International Tapes and Pitchfork.

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Foot Village is on Bandcamp
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El Ingenio Humano (mp3) by Algodón Egipcio (as seen)

Algodón Egipcio x Foot Village

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