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Big Pauper (f/k/a Panzah Zandahz) has a new LP entitled Beyond My Means. The album drops on April 26th via Circle Into Square and Fake Four. The Portland producer/DJ/visual artist is producing some of our favorite instrumental hip hop of recent memory. Listen.

Downloadable: Big Sick (mp3)

If you have not already, you can download Big Pauper‘s recent Cops Eat Flowers EP @ (for the cost of one email address).

Also, you should also download the excellent Aphids on the Lettuce (Big Pauper’s Beck mashup album) @ You can stream it using the widget below.

Streamable: Aphids On The Lettuce: Beck Remixed & Mashed Up by PZ

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BONUS: Cops Eat Flowers (mp3)

Big Pauper

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