Friday Night Vids :: Moon Duo + Headless Horseman + Julianna Barwick + Monster Rally + Black Lips + True Widow

For your streaming pleasure, here is the latest Friday Night Vids
Streamable: Color Sky (The Melon Workers) (vimeo) by Monster Rally

Streamable: Wavlngth (vimeo) by Headless Horseman

Downloadable: Wavlngth (mp3)
Streamable: Mazes (youtube) by Moon Duo

Downloadable: Mazes (mp3)
Streamable: The Magic Place (youtube) by Julianna Barwick

Streamable: Modern Art by (youtube) Black Lips

Streamable: Skull Eyes by (youtube) True Widow

Downloadable: Skull Eyes (mp3)

Friday Night Vids

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