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You may remember Erika Anderson from her part in the feedbackfolk duo Gowns. Well, her latest project under the moniker EMA is set to be released on May 10th via the Souterrain Transmissions label. Promo materials describe her sound as “lo-fi four-track grunge, trashy dance beats and damaged girl group ballads,” and I guess that’s fairly apt. Here is track four from Past Life Martyred Saints. Listen.

Downloadable: Milkman (mp3)

You can preorder Past Life Martyred Saints @

Hopefully, EMA will play some shows in the NYC area when she gets back from Europe.

EMA Bedroom Guitar

Erika is also an occasional member of Amps for Christ. You can listen/download @

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BONUS: The Grey Ship (mp3)

Past Life Martyred Saints by EMA

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