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Teen Witch is Tyler (formerly of Tempo No Tempo, presently of Grooms) and Caroline (of The Splinters). They have a new(ish) EP which fits one side of a cassette with so much rock and roll, they had to leave the other side blank for balance sake. The “smokey black” cassette is available via the Whoa Whoa label in a limited run of 150 cassettes (and naturally comes with a digital download). Listen.

Downloadable: I Don’t Mind (mp3)

The cassette art looks something like this:

Teen Witch Whoa Whoa EP

You can purchase the cassette @

Hopefully, Teen Witch will be playing some shows in NYC at some point in the near future.

Teen Witch is on Tumblr
Teen Witch is on Twitter
Teen Witch is on Hype Machine
Teen Witch is on Whoa Whoa

Teen Witch

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