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So yeah, Double Dagger is playing their last show later this month. Well, life moves on and their drummer Denny Bowen has a new band name of Roomrunner.

And, Roomrunner sounds nothing like Bowen’s solo project Smart Growth. It is tagged “bunge rock” on Bandcamp, which I assume is a portmanteau of Baltimore and grunge. Anyway, here is the first Roomrunner track to hit the internets. Yes, I finally finished converting the original WAV file to mp3.


Downloadable: Spinning (mp3)

The self-titled Roomrunner cassette comes out November 1st as part of a new tape series from Fan Death Records. Preorder is available @

The album art looks like this.


Upcoming NYC Show:

Roomrunner is on Tumblr
Roomrunner is on Bandcamp
Roomrunner is on Twitter
Roomrunner is on Fan Death Records


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