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Yourself is the latest musical project from Nick Noeding, Jr. who has had many a moniker… Pollination, Low Scores, Bulk Buttons, Pegasuses. (Noeding also blogs at High Desert on Tumblr and full disclosure at GT’s own Fuck Yeah Nusquam.)

The Yourself project is poppier and less shoegazey than previous efforts. Noeding presently has approximately two albums worth of materials to release. In the near future, he is planning on posting a couple tracks every few weeks until it’s all posted, and then uploading it “all together on bandcamp as an ‘album’ or something”.


Downloadable: Tomorrow I Will Do It (mp3)

Yourself should be on bandcamp in the near future.

Yourself is on Soundcloud
Yourself is on Facebook
Yourself is on Twitter

Point Of No Return (Yourself Remix) (mp3) by Nu Shooz
Hahahaha JK (Yourself Remix) (mp3) by Das Racist


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