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Mr. Ted McGrath of the now hiatused Antimagic (and ex-These Are Powers) has put together an album under his solo moniker ATM. The EP is called The Slow Fade, and is being released by Temple South (cassette) and Creative Capitalism (digital).

McGrath has fused together numerous influences from punk, no wave, glam, postpunk, art rock and experimental pop to form these sometimes-gritty, sometimes-scary, sometimes-bleak sounds. Two floor toms (one treated, one normal), a snare, an Alesis SR-16 drum machine, a Boss SP 202 sampler, a Fender Jazzmaster, a borrowed bass and other “sundry electronics” are in use here. This is side one, track one.


Downloadable: Bad Blood (mp3)

The The Slow Fade cover art looks like this.

The Slow Fade by ATM

You can purchase the digital of The Slow Fade @ right now for a mere $3, or for $2 dollars more you can preorder the “good old fashioned analog high bias tape” which should ship on or around November 21st. If you absolutely can’t wait for the 21st, then you can get one a few days early when ATM plays Death by Audio with Parts & Labor (details below).

And if you have not heard ATM‘s first 7″ you should really remedy that, d/l the A-Side, “Always On Time From Now On”… here. Plus, you can grab the B-Side at the bottom of this post.

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BONUS: Try Harder w/ Brain (mp3)

ATM at Bruar Falls

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