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In case you have not heard, Brooklyn’s own Pterodactyl have released their third long player, Spills Out via Jagjaguwar. On this record, the band continues to hone their craft. The Pterodactyl sound started out as abrasive noisepunk (check out a couple early tracks in the bonus section below). Their sound has since evolved into something more psychedelic, something a bit more pop. They have toned down the feedback, focused more on harmony and three-part croon, and added Wurlitzers, ukeleles, and Kawasaki Dual Cool Keys (a discontinued toy keyboard) to the mix. The album features guests appearances from Dan Friel (Parts & Labor), Zach Lehrhoff (Ex Models), organist Mike Gallope (Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang), violist Amy Cimini (Architeuthis Walks On Land), and Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses).

You can purchase Spills Out in vinyl, CD, and digital formats over at

Track Listing:

1. School Glue (mp3)
2. Searchers
3. Hold Still
4. Nerds (mp3)
5. Spills In
6. Allergy Shots
7. The Hole Night
8. Thorn
9. The Break
10. Spills Out
11. Zombies
12. White Water
13. Aphasia

Streamable: School Glue (Live @ Death by Audio) (vimeo)

(source: Peter Staubs)

You can also stream the whole of Spills Out over @

Upcoming NYC Show:

Pterodactyl are presently touring the US of A.

You can find more tour dates @

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Loose Lips (mp3)
Esses (mp3)

Spills Out by Pterodactyl
(cover art: Otecki)

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