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I am here to apologize for slightly detracting from your concert experience all year long. Why? I take photos at shows. I know it can be annoying. That said, I try my best to keep it to a minimum and usually don’t use a flash (and then ramp up the contrast and exposure later). Here are my favorite 12 photos from 2011.

Look + Listen:

  1. Ghost Animal @ Glasslands

    Ghost Animal @ Glasslands

    Downloadable: Tired (A Ceremony) (mp3)


  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR @ Glasslands

    Happy New Year @ Glasslands

    Downloadable: And… Begin! (mp3)


  5. Mr. Dream @ Cake Shop

    Mr Dream @ Cake Shop

    Downloadable: Knick Knack (mp3)


  7. Foot Village @ Death by Audio

    Foot Village @ Death by Audio

    Downloadable: Crybaby (mp3)


  9. JEFF The Brotherhood @ Rockaway Beach

    JEFF The Brotherhood @ Rockaway Beach

    Downloadable: Shredder (mp3)


  11. EULA @ Multiverse Playground

    EULA @ Multiverse Playground

    Downloadable: Housewolf (mp3)


  13. MIRACLES @ Death by Audio

    MIRACLES @ Death by Audio

    Downloadable: From Clouds (mp3)


  15. PC Worship @ Bruar Falls (RIP)

    PC Worship @ Bruar Falls

    Downloadable: Tides (mp3)


  17. Parts & Labor @ Knitting Factory

    Parts & Labor @ Knitting Factory

    Downloadable: A Great Divide (mp3)




    Downloadable: Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me (mp3)


  21. YVETTE @ Death by Audio

    YVETTE @ Death by Audio

    Downloadable: With Fangs (mp3)


  23. Kohwi @ 13Thames

    Kohwi @ 13Thames

    Downloadable: Leaving is a Feeling (mp3)

It is not surprising that my top two photos were taken at Glasslands, which has a stunning background and great lighting. My overall favorite venue for photos has to be Death by Audio with their awesome murals — the only problem there is the lighting. In the coming year, I look forward to getting some great shots at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge and 285 Kent. And you reading this, go out and see a show at your local DIY venue.

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