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Catamaran started in 2009 by one Vincent Brunetto, amid the isolation of the frigid Buffalo, NY winter. Catamaran‘s debut full length cassette is presently available in a limited run of 100 cassettes (and in near infinite number digitally) via the MJ MJ label. Brunetto has created a 52 minute electronic opus that, reportedly, will “have you floating on a painted river of stardust.” Here is track nine from the long player.


Downloadable: Holidaze (mp3)

Streamable: Catamaran (bandcamp)

You can pay-what-you-want for the Catamaran digital album @

You can purchase the Catamaran cassette (pro dubbed on chrome tape) @ for $5. (Now through xmas, when you purchase any two MJ MJ tapes, including pre-orders(!), get a third for free.)

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Catamaran is on MJ MJ
Catamaran is on Hype Machine

BONUS: Pastels (mp3) (source: beko_amdiscs1)

Catamaran by Catamaran

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