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As Haunted Horses, Myke Pelly (also of Footwork) and Colin Dawson do create a creepy cacophony using guitar, drums and a variety of electronics. Maybe you saw them mentioned in that New York Time’s Seattle, Post Grunge slideshow (around the anniversary of Nevermind)? Well, the band has a new self-released EP called They Set Us Fevered Water that is a continuation of their last two EPs, Oblivion and Mirrored Orbifolds.


Downloadable: Pariahs (mp3)

Oh and you can stream the whole of the They Set Us Fevered Water EP using the widget below.

Streamable: They Set Us Fevered Water (bandcamp)

If you like why not buy it for a mere $2 @

Here is a shot of Haunted Horses playing Neumo’s in Seattle:

Haunted Horses @ Neumo's

Hopefully, sometime in the not-too-distant future Haunted Horses will travel east and play some shows in the NYC area.

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BONUS: Medusan Sky (mp3)

They Set Us Fevered Water by Haunted Horses

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