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“When you can’t refuse and you just can’t choose, what she’s gonna do”

So, Pete Fudge’s (of Dinowalrus, Blizzardo, OPTMSM, and Titus Andronicus) 80s / sleaze / biker / arena metal / NWOBHM project LOVEWRECKER has a cover of The Professionals’ S&M-flavored track “Black Leather” up on the bandcamps.


Downloadable: Black Leather (The Professionals Cover) (mp3)

If you like, why not download Lover wrecker’s Scorpio Rising EP @

Now, The Professionals was Steve Jones and Paul Cook’s post-Sex Pistols band. Here is what sounds like a vinyl rip of the original track.

Streamable: Black Leather (youtube)

The song was popularized by The Runaways.

Streamable: Black Leather (youtube)

And lets not forget the Guns ‘n Roses version off their last proper studio album “The Spagetti Incident?”

Please note that Mr. Fudge née Feigenbaum is presently only 70% serious about this project.**

LOVEWRECKER is on Bandcamp

Black Leather by Lovewrecker

** This number subject to change.

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