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Use one word to describe clipping.? Ok. clipping. is harsh. clipping. is the noise/rap project of William Hutson (of Rale), Jonathan Snipes (ex-Captain Ahab), and Daveed Diggs. Their 14 track digital-only debut long player features contributions by Ezra Buchla (ex-Gowns), Baseck, Kill Rogers, Jalene Goodwin, and TiVO. You can stream the whole album using the bandcamp widget below.


Streamable: midcity (bandcamp)

You can pay-what-you-want for midcity @

Rumor has it that clipping. is planning a 12″ of dance tracks, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Oh and remixers/vocal lovers/haters you can grab both the acapella AND instrumental versions of midcity @ (on the bottom of the page).

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BONUS: Block (mp3)

midcity by clipping

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