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Úlfur‘s new album White Mountain comes out today via the always eclectic Western Vinyl label. The LP mixes postfolk with found sounds & ambient elements.

Úlfur is part of (Sigur Rós side proj) Jónsi‘s band, and also Swords of Chaos. White Mountain contain contributions from Alexandra Sauser-Monnig of Mountain Man, Skúli Sverrisson and Sigrún Jónsdóttir.

According to Úlfur:

Every track is a collage of field-recordings made while travelling. I met so many interesting people on the road and I always carry my tape recorder with me like a camera.

This here is the second free mp3 from White Mountain.


Downloadable: Heaven in a Wildflower (mp3)

You can preorder White Mountain @

White Mountain looks like this:

white mountain by ulfur

And why not watch this trippy, bleak video?

Streamable: Black Shore (vimeo)

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BONUS: So Very Strange (mp3)


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