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On June 27th, Brooklyn postpunk/no-wave trio ADVAETA will self-release their new 7″, Gold Thought Exit b/w Newo. The 7″ was recorded by Scott Andrews at the Silent Barn recording studio. This 7″ is so good, it just makes me want an ADVAETA LP (or at least an EP). Anyway, this here is the A-Side.


Downloadable: Gold Thought Exit (mp3)

You can download the lossless version @

Gold Thought Exit b/w Newo will be available at their upcoming 6/27 (uhhh, record release) show at Shea Stadium and also through their blog.

And why not check out this live recording of the B-Side?

Streamable: Newo (Live @ Death by Audio) (vimeo)

Upcoming NYC Shows:

UPDATE: ADVAETA is NOT playing that June 29th show.

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BONUS: Chaoz (mp3)

Gold Thought Exit by ADVAETA
ADVAETA by John Winston Connell

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