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GT’s fav psychedelic death pop band Kent State is comprised of Nick Vance, Paul D’elia, Anthony B. Tetrow, and Nick Townsend. Now, you may remember this KS track from a post last year. It features backing vocals from James Airlooms.


Downloadable: Disconnected (featuring Airlooms) (mp3)

Well, Kent State’s 1st vinyl release collects their out of print cassette-only releases:

  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Spahn Ranch
  • Challenger
  • Walk Trough Walls

The LP is being co-released via Debt Offensive Records and Paranoid Futures. The tracks have been remastered, and the 1st one hundred records are being pressed on gorgeous chromatic blue!

You can order Wrong Side of History vinyl right now @ or

You can pay what you want for the digital of Wrong Side of History @

Hopefully, Kent State will travel east and play some shows around NYC in the not too distant future.

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BONUS: Crashing Satellites (mp3)

wrong side of history by kent state

(coverart: emma maatman)

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