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On to Hastings, Nebraska! Perhaps not the most glamorous of spots to play our first out of town show! But a low-key gig is not the worst way to ease our way into this whole touring experience. Kind of like opening “off-off-Broadway,” right?

The drive from Denver to Nebraska can only be described in monosyllabic terms. Wind. Cows. Sky. Gray. Corn. Long.

We’re booked at Hastings College’s student union, a locale Emily accurately describes as a bit airport departure lounge-ish. We pull up in the tightly packed van and are greeted by Cam, the guitarist in Man The Less, the opening band, made up of Hastings students. Youngsters! We load all of our stuff, set up the merch table, sneakily drink some beers in the back of the van and stretch our legs.

Man The Less are an aggressive punk band with some guttural screamo vocal interjections from the bassist. Totally rockin’. Then it’s our turn. Even though the full lineup of Distant Correspondent has been playing together for less than a week, it is already starting to feel very comfortable up there. A student union isn’t going to have the awesomest acoustics, but I think it sounds AOK for the most part.

Afterwards, we hear one of the guys doing sound liken us to a mix of Pearl Jam, Candlebox and Pink Floyd. Suicide is contemplated. But I love the Floyd, so I can just ignore those other bands, I guess. And we did kick off the set with a song called “Echoes” — just not the Meddle epic.

Amazingly, we sell a healthy amount of merchandise, and even more amazingly, the guys from Man The Less send us on our way with a pretty healthy payout. Hastings, you rock!

Then it’s on to Lincoln, where we’re staying at a friend of David’s house (who play in the band Masses). We arrive just in time to see the thrilling conclusion of Total Recall (the original Arnie version, natch). And then we watch The Dark Crystal. Weird dreams are had by all.


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