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As you should already know, GIMME TINNITUS has teamed up the good folks at Serious Business on BTR to provide you with some brain-melting rock ‘n’ roll and also… interviews (with Mr. Travis Harrison).

Next up, Connecticut’s finest scuzzy snack rockers, fins (not to be confused with FINS of Boston).

This here video will go live on SBonBTR on February 19th, but until then you can watch yourself some fins right here in this premiere.


Streamable: Serious Business on BTR [ep151]

You can, and let’s face it, you probably should purchase fins‘ awesome eponymous EP @ or

Look forward to more SBonBTR x GT coming soooon. The final GT x SBonBTR is EXOCOMET f/k/a Echo Comets!

Watch the bbigpigg GT x SBonBTR @ or

Watch the Clean Girls GT x SBonBTR @ or on

fins are on Bandcamp
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fins are on Hype Machine
fins are on Obscure Me Records

Serious Business on BTR is on

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BONUS: passing (mp3)

fins at btr
fins at btr roof hang

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